Bower's Game Corner #464: Funglish Review

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From The Publisher: There’s no time to lose… so grab some clues! Can you get the other players to guess the word KANGAROO? You can’t talk or act— but you can find, grab and play just the right clues from 120 descriptive tiles as everyone shouts out their guesses. You play living, wild, and tall. Is it a Redwood? A giraffe? A basketball player? Nope. Keep playing tiles like furry, brown and bouncy. Once another player yells out KANGAROO, try a new word before time runs out! That’s the funny, noisy, unique, entertaining, magical, fast-moving fun of FUNGLISH!

The word-guessing game that lets you express it and guess it with piles of tiles!


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  • I enjoy word based games. Codenames is good, this seems decent as well.

    Bower Power July 9, 2020 4:49 pm Reply

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